This sexy hot outfit includes:
- sculpted jacket (resize-script)
- sculpted jacket (copy/mod)
- sculpted sleeves (copy/mod and with resize-script)
- jacketlayer in all layers(copy/mod)
- minidress; worn as shirtlayer (copy);
- glitchpants (copy)
- skirt-prim (copy/mod)
- bracelets (resize-script)
- necklace (resize-script)
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X-STREET keywords:
minidress - dress - skirt - jacket - bracelet - necklace -modern - sexy-

Sweet Temptations :: Your sweet experience
Very beautiful and detailed retro outfit, you will love it. Shoes Included
Contents: Skirt, Top, Neck, Back Lace, Bracelets and Shoes.
COMES WITH:striped
- striped blouse mod/cop worn as jacket with cuffs and
collar !!
- sexy white shirt mod/cop worn as shirt
- sexy underwear mod/cop
- short black denim jeans mod/cop
- low hanging blouse mod/cop with and without scripts !!
- brown leather handgloves mod/cop
- and brown cowgirl shoes mod/cop

NEW NADAS basic line (single items)
long top with hip cloth comes on
jacket and shirt/pants layer
flexi part waistband

Here you can find the description of the outfit and some tips that will help you to fit it correctly and look wonderful!
1. Jacket
Jacket consists of the jacket layer (it's copy modify so you can change the length of the sleeves to your liking and save different variants), skulpted sleeves (copy, modify), top part of the jacket attached to spine (copy, modify), bottom part of the jacket attached to chest (copy, modify) and linked version if you want to wear some jewelry. Before you want to change something for example to resize i suggest you to copy the part of the outfit provided just in case you don't like the result.
2. Top and jeans
Top is on shirt layer and jeans are on pants layer. They are not modify.
3. Necklace
It's attached to spine (copy, modify)
3. Belt
Worn on pelvis (copy, modify)
Diablo 09 Ladies - A 15 part outfit with all layers included for a multitude of wearable options. Notecard included detailing how to wear the layers to achieve the options shown in the ad.
Since 2005 DE Designs has created high detailed Men's Clothes and Ladies Clothes with over 1000 items to choose from.

Sexy and elegant dress, realistic texture.
Include bracelet
Script resizer for skirt and bracelet.

This outfit has couple options for you to choose from, wear it as shorts or skirt, wear it with just suspenders on or supsenders and ruffles on the collar.
Shirt with Sculpt Cuffs and sculpt ruffles with sculpt suspenders.
Jacket layer (top part of the pants)
Pants layer (works as shorts or glitch pants.
Flex prims skirt.
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Plum (full view of outfit)

SALE! Special price only on SLX, K&L! 3LectriK Kitty. Look hot while you rave the night away in glowing baggy pants puuurfect for all you neko ladies out there! This outfit includes:
~Baggy pants
~Neon tattoo
~Glowing neon bracers
~Fluffy paws with or w/o RAINBOW paw print effect
~Neko tail with and w/o glowing streamers
~Black Layer for under baggy pants
~Glowing rave belt with glo stick and swirling test tubes
~Twitchy ears with blue glow piercings
^^ Any questions...IM kiku yokosuka and I will be glad to help u out!
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Cute Jean's Green NarKotiK_
Top Jean's very Girl Look Sexy !!
2 versions Sculpted Leg Bags & Revers
Transfert & Modiffiable for ajust With Ur favorit shoes !
Quality Creation
Other color & Style in store

The best sexy outfits for you!
Includes all the clothes you can see in the picture (jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, skirtbelt, neck, sleeves). Notice the pant's back includes part of the jacket texture, so it can't be used alone.

Sexy and elegant minidress in satin white and lace black.
Two options Sleeves 
*Shirt Copy 
*Shirt Copy whit sleeve 
*Pants Copy 
*Jacket Copy 
*Jacket Copy whit sleeve 
*Skirt sculpt Copy Modify 
*Skirt sculpt Copy and Resizer

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